We like patina, traces of past life, old things, used things. We like imperfections. We like objects with a story. We like giving new life, new functions to discarded, forgotten or thrown away goods.

ShowRaum is a shop and workshop where we produce and present furniture and product design made from used and found materials. All our products are one-offs or small batch productions.

We are a Berlin based collective consisting of Sebastian Mall, Patrick Kerti, Regitze Kerti and Jaap Wijnants. Our backgrounds range from architecture to furniture design and carpentry.

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Cover: tray by Volken de Vlas

Material: book covers, dutch ash

Swan Beton

Material: concrete, illy coffee tin lid

tomDK Pencil Case

Material: inner tubes

Cuplys - Lamp - Lampshade made...

Material: plastic cups, paperclips

Camera Lens Bracelet A3222

Material: Anodized aluminium

Camera lens Bracelet B-W01

Material: anodized aluminium
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